When Life Gets Crazy… I Rather Wine Than Cry

I want to start sharing with you all wine selections that I have enjoyed. I want to be able to say it’ll be a monthly thing but I can’t guarantee that so just be sure to subscribe so that you are notified when I do.

My preference is red but I will try to share a red and white in each post. So let’s start this one off right…


Mt. Monster – Shiraz 2015 – Limestone Coast/ Australia


With all the awards on this bottle, it is worth the try.

I didn’t think I was a fan of Shiraz but after tasting this one I may have to explore a little more. I definitely chose the best route in giving shiraz another try with this wine being made in Australia. Australia is known to produce the best shiraz around the world. The style of the wine is spicy but has a fruity sweetness.  A Shiraz is known for its blackberry and plum deliverance and that is just what this wine is coupled with a peppercorn aroma.

I say this wine is good as an everyday choice and an easy ‘sipper’.  I recommend drinking immediately after purchase and not allowing to sit for days after opening.

The price range for this wine is around $13/ bottle. I can’t tell you where to pick it up in your hometown but I’m sure a quick search will give you the answer.


Unico Zelo -Jade & Jasper Fiano – 2017 


Summa, summa, summa tiiiiime!!! Every time I recommend or have this wine I can’t help but sing that song.

This is THE PERFECT wine for spring and summer. This is that bottle of wine that you can sit outside in the heat and drink comfortably with cheese (cheddar and gruyere). It delivers a tropical fruitiness with crisp acidity. The taste is so refreshing so the colder you are able to chill this wine, the better.

This wine is described as having white peach blossoms. honeydew, and lemon all covered in a generous splash of Grannysmith Apple. Don’t worry the splash of Grannysmith does not deliver a tart or bitter taste.

If you plan to serve this wine at a gathering or share at a hosted even be sure to take 2 because the first will go fast.

Oh, and it’s another Australian wine.

The price range for this wine is around $18/bottle. Another that you’ll have to search for in your area locally.

Happy Sippin’


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  • Casey
    June 11, 2018

    I may have to try these. My taste buds maybe able to handle them. Will Moscatos be a part of your review?

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When Life Gets Crazy… I Rather Wine Than Cry