April was Amazing!!!

It went by so fast, but April was amazing!!!

While up in the clouds for the 5th round-trip in 5 months I started to reflect a bit…



It’s a gift when you find someone that you can call a friend.

My girl Jovial!!!

Jovial took flight for 24+ hours to come hang out with me!!! She took the time from her life of family, work, and other obligations to hang out for 4 days.

It meant a lot to me that she came to visit and it is one for the book. She had no idea but she was right on time.

From the moment she landed, we never missed a beat. We ran all over Singapore and had a lot of fun.

Jovial has flown to visit me in my other moves and I know if I ever moved again, without a doubt she’d be there.

Thank you Jovial for being an amazing friend. Love ya!!!













Photos were taken by Jovial

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  • Casey
    May 2, 2018


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April was Amazing!!!