What Time is the Pity Party?

In the mood for a pity party? Before you do, let’s have a chat.

A lot of people have things going on but it doesn’t mean they have it all together and that includes me. I will be the first to say when I am just hanging on and I have days I just say I’m accounted for. Accounted for? That’s what I call existing but I don’t feel I’m putting any substance into the world. When I get to these moments that’s when I need a break.

There is a difference between taking a break to re-evaluate and having a pity party.

Here are a few reminders I give myself when I dare to think about having a pity party.

A career is not your core.

Remind yourself often you are not your career and it does not define who you are as a person. Do not ever allow your career to become your main focus.

Seriously, you are a whole person who has much more in life than a career. Believe me, I know it can be overwhelming. There are some days I watch the clock and can’t understand why it’s fighting me. #timeisneveronourside

Real talk, chill out.

We all have a goal of where we want to be but we have to enjoy as much of the journey as we can. Just think, you stress yourself to no ends and after you have ‘arrived’ you can’t even find the energy to soak it all in. Sooooo celebrate along the way for each and every little accomplishment.

The internet is interesting.

With so many social media outlets, all you see is ‘front page news’. The internet delivers a lot of ‘Top Life Moments’ for everyone. Everyone likes to share the best moments of their lives when they are partying, vacationing, and eating amazing food. Even I have stepped more into it since I have started my blog. I don’t usually share my life publicly so it takes some thought for me. My friends are always asking for pictures and so I’m working on it.

Please don’t ever think for one second that you are getting the full story of a person life.

Remember a picture is a moment captured in time.

Don’t focus so much on people relationships and material things. You have no idea what the cost was for that person and if you are willing to pay the same.

The struggle is real.

Listennnnnn, I have to laugh sometimes to keep from crying. I literally stop at times and say is this real life right now because it’s doing THE ABSOLUTE M-O-S-T.

You ever give yourself a pep talk and tell yourself to get it together? Me too friend!!!!

It is very easy to get into our own heads and believe that the entire world is so much better off than we are.

Reality check, we are all on the same ride of this thing called life and no one road is smooth riding.

You’re right if you never try you’ll never fail. Guess what the kicker is? You won’t succeed either.

I scare myself with the goals I give myself. To think what all it will take to call it a success and I start telling myself I am trippin’.

I know I can live with failure because at least I have something to take from it. When it’s time to get back in the ring I know where to block and when to hit life with an uppercut…too much? I’m trying to make this point y’all : )

We are all going to fail at some things in life and succeed at others. There is nothing wrong with that.

Question: Can you live with failure or the constant thought of wondering ‘what if’ you had taken the first step?

I know I don’t want to ever live with regret or asking myself what if.

Being jealous of someone is never a good look.

You can’t ask why not me just because a good thing has happened to someone. Do you ask the same thing when someone has been faced with obstacles or challenges in life? I didn’t think so.

Don’t question. Remember that person has put in the work. Support is the best thing to give and to be able to see their accomplishments should give a bit of a push for you.

Jealousy can’t help me in the least bit. If we are busy being jealous, how can we focus on our own?

Be grateful for what you have.

When is the last time you stopped and really thought about your life?  Think about the amazing circle that you have around you, and the ability to make choices about your life the next time you want to have a pity party.

I picked up on a saying: Have an attitude of gratitude.










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  • Casey
    April 30, 2018

    Great article!
    Hmmm…also if you don’t try can be viewed as failure. Why? Because you never tried.

    • brittanyinsider
      April 30, 2018

      I agree 100%

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