Three Things Thursday – First 3 Diets

Who remembers Slim Fast? I remember when this came out and I was thinking a shake as a meal no way would I do that. I was too hungry to be fooling around with these small shakes as meal replacements.

So what happened was…The first day I started it was the longest morning of my life and I remember by lunch or dinner I was drinking one with a meal. They did taste good I won’t deny that but as a meal I wasn’t ready. I gave it another shot and prepared myself with the healthy snacks they suggested you should have. Having the snacks on hand made it better and I didn’t feel as hungry. The only issue I had after that was drinking the shakes fast and then struggling until I could have a meal or another shake. My snacks were turning into meals. My mom suggested that I freeze them so that they are slushy like and I drink them slower. Thanks Mom!!!! I was good to go and I had no problem after that other than…. I wasn’t losing weight. I still have to workout!!!

I started going to the gym combined with the shakes and I noticed a difference. I would say I lost at least 10 pounds until I pushed Slim Fast to the side. I wanted to eat, I was tired of replacing meals. I went back to eating…

What happens when you get out of a routine and you aren’t fully discipline about portion control and healthy eating?

Detox, detox, detox. Detoxification is meant to rid of toxins in the body that are not healthy and leave undesirable effects.

The detox I did was cutting out everything I liked. I don’t have another way of putting it because it’s how I remembered it.  Detoxification also known as body cleansing is not a diet but I treated it that way. I labeled it as that 2 week diet that would help me restart on eating healthy and in the process I had the possibility of losing 5-10 pounds.

I officially lost it when I decided to do the master cleanse with lemon water and cayenne pepper. By the second day my throat was in so much pain I could barely speak at work. I was too embarrassed to say that the half gallon of liquid on my desk was silencing me.

I told myself it just wasn’t worth it…and I wanted some fries.

The third and last diet that I tried was The 17 Day Diet. To this day I still refer to some of the recipes. Overall the book is good in delivering an outline of how your meals should be planned out and what they should and shouldn’t consist of.

I now believe and proven to myself the hard way, when you adopt a healthy lifestyle, everything else will follow.

With all that I have tried I can only laugh at myself.

What I have learned workout and portion control. I have told myself eat what you want but there are some things you can’t have all the time.

What are some things you have done thinking you would lose weight?


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Three Things Thursday – First 3 Diets