Three Things Thursday

I think now is a great time to stop by and do Three Things Thursday. My three things for this week are random but stood out for me this week.

  • Where the heck is Friday!!!!I’m not sure what is going on with this week but I don’t understand why Friday is not here.  Did someone forget to sign the contract for Friday to make an appearance? Pass me the pen because I want to see it.Yesterday before 10am at work I was asking why isn’t it Friday. To make things even worse, close to the end of the day tomorrow still wasn’t Friday. I said out loud in my office “What??? Tomorrow still isn’t Friday!!!” I feel like time is playing some cruel joke and rotating the Earth backwards. You know what I mean? Time made me go through the same day twice.  Anyway I sit out on my balcony now with a glass of wine practicing what would my Friday is going to look like. Practice makes perfect right?


  • Mommy Mania!!!My Mommy is coming to visit me next weekend for almost 2.5 weeks and I’m excited!!! There is nothing but good times when her and I spend time together. Our mother/ daughter relationship is awesome and I am forever grateful to be blessed to have such an amazing mother.


  •  2 books at the same time!!!                                                                                                                                                                I have never read 2 books at the same time. I have never felt the reason and I always thought I would start to confuse the stories. I think this has been made possible because they are completely opposite.  From my 2018 Book List – Part 1 I am currently reading F*ck Feelings and Crazy Rich Asians. I usually set the goal to read a book a month. What if now I can read 2 books a month…awesomeness.

What are three random things for you this week?

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