What I Carry in My Purse Daily – Part 1

When is the last time:

  • You were caught in the rain?
  • Stuck in traffic and was REAL hungry?
  • Had an headache that became a distraction?

Anyone who is living life had to say yes to one of the above.

When it comes to my purse there are a lot of things that I carry daily. Sure I have my wallet and keys but what about those other things? Here are some of the things that myself and every woman should carry in their purse.


When I have long and busy days deodorant is the one thing that I am glad to have in my purse.  I never want to feel self conscious about my body odor. I don’t want to have to do the sneak test of sure/unsure (anyone remember that commercial?).  A mini deodorant is the perfect solution.


It is a great feeling knowing I have my mini umbrella packed away ready to protect me. When you don’t have an umbrella, the rain can really alter your plans for the day.


No one likes to be HANGRY (when you are hungry and angry because of it). I like to keep a healthy snack in my purse for the times I am stuck in traffic or at an appointment/meeting that is taking longer than expected.


You can never predict when you might have a headache but it doesn’t mean you can’t be ready? Having a headache can suck the energy out of me and leave me feeling grumpy. I carry a bottle of Motrin that can rescue me and let me get back to my awesome day.

Hand Sanitizer

When I:

*Meet someone and shake their hand

*Grab a buggy at the grocery store (cart to those that have never heard the term)

*Public transportation

These are a few of the hundred times where I immediately reach for my hand sanitizer. I use my hand sanitizer to not only protect myself from germs but for those that I come in contact with.


I use my notes section and camera on my phone to remember things. However, that doesn’t help when you need to fill out forms. I do not like that feeling when I don’t have a pen and I have to do the look around to see who I can ask. I feel like a pen is something everyone should have at all times.


I keep at least $50 but I would say $20 is just a good. I never know when I may need a cab, credit/debit cards have become demagnetized or I want to make a small purchase.

Lip balm / Lip gloss / Lipstick 

I always have lip balm but I also have several lip glosses and lipsticks on any given day in my purse. I never know when I want to take my lips to the next level with a hot pink or red lipstick.


If you don’t carry these items around on a daily basis, I recommend you add them. You may not be able to think of it now but there has been times where you have wished you had at least one of these items.

What are some things that you have to carry daily in your purse?

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What I Carry in My Purse Daily – Part 1