One Time On Vacation….

Vacation, it’s one of my favorite words. With vacation is relaxation, good food, shopping, and putting the To Do List away.    I love to travel and any chance I can get away from my current location, consider my bags packed.

Let me tell you an unexpected experience that was not planned during one of my vacations. I had planned a vacation to Aruba for a couple days and I had activities lined up perfectly. In the last few vacations here and there I had started to schedule spa days because why not.

After sitting outside in the sun at a coffee shop I decided to drive over to the spa place. Immediately after I entered the grounds I was instantly relaxed and looking forward to my hour long massage. The spa included an outdoor pool and swinging chairs that you could enjoy before or after accompanied with the perfect breeze. After entering the spa we were instructed to sit down on the bench while they prepared to rinse our feet first. This was a first for me as I normally hadn’t had my feet washed prior to a massage. It made sense so there was no complaining or questioning coming from my mouth.

Right before they started I sat back, looked up at the ceiling, and let out a sigh of relaxation. Immediately I begin to hear a frying sound, you know that sound you hear in the early mornings when someone is frying bacon for breakfast. My friend looked over at me with the biggest eyes that let me know their relaxation was no longer exsistent.

They quickly lunged towards me while saying “Oh Sh*t!!!” repeatedly. As their hands started to introduce themselves to  my hair I leaned over into the mirror and immediately my relaxation was everything opposite of that in the dictionary.

My hair was on F-I-R-E!!!! No seriously, my ponytail was quickly being engulfed in flames and not only could I hear it but there I could see it in the mirror. It was like time had sped up but slowed down at the same time.

I then put my hands into my hair and looking back not for one milli second it crossed my mind that I could burn my hands and obviously my friend did not have that thought either…till this day I call it love.

After we became certified firefighters, the masseuse said they would give us a few minutes however, I think it was them  who needed it. I think they were shocked and wasn’t sure how I would react.

After they left and I inhaled the aroma of my burned hair, I started to pull out the curly hair that I knew was gone. I looked back at where it all started and saw that there were candles placed behind us in jars. I remembered seeing those candles when I walked in but I did not realize just how long my ponytail was and never thought…

As I pulled at it I told myself what happened was over and there was nothing I could do about it, so let it go. I know, how could I be in a good space like that?  I am work in progress but there are certain experiences in life where I have learned to accept the things that I can not change. My friend asked if I wanted to cancel and understood if I wasn’t up or it.  I told them Heck NO!!! I had really earned this massage and I proceeded to my massage table!!!

For those of you who are wondering, I did not have to get my hair cut to fix it and you couldn’t even tell I had lost some hair. The part that burned was in the middle so with any style  that I wore, it was always covered.

Aruba will always hold a special place in my heart and my hair.


PS – I don’t look at candles the same, I keep both eyes on them whenever they are near.


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